weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery

The Possibility of Weight Gain after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Some people would like to pay more for getting an easy way to be healthy. Some people will prefer to do easy way through gastric sleeve surgery. They will not have to suffer from hunger to get what they want. This surgery gives really significant results because the aims of this surgery are getting better weight for the body. It will be done by most obesity victims. It helps them so much in reducing their weight. So, it can reduce weight up to 60 % of the weight. The body will not have to suffer from the risks of obesity anymore. Although it is effective, it is still possible for us to have weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery.

Understanding Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before we talk about weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery, let us talk about this surgery first. Gastric sleeve surgery is the surgery which is performed by removing the part of the stomach. Compared to gastric bypass surgery, this surgery will still use all intestines without bypassing any. The pouch is totally removed from the stomach to acquire the faster capability of feeling full.

The aim of reducing stomach pouch reduces the capability of stomach for getting full. You will get faster stuffed feeling as your stomach will be full with a few foods. There are some great advantages for getting lesser food in your body like you will get a lesser appetite for food. Lesser appetite will make you not want to eat much. That is the aim of this surgery. When you get a lesser appetite and less food processed in your body, the stored food like fat and other kinds of overwhelming nutrients that make you big will be processed and reduce your weight significantly. You still are able to have weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery with the following action.

The Causes of Weight Gain after Surgery

1. Overeating

The first reason that will make you be able to have weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery is overeating in your daily life. When you think that your surgical stomach has been healed and can be used normally, you still have to be careful for something that you eat. You are not allowed to overeat because this condition can stretch your pouch. Overeat will make your pouch grow bigger again. You will regain bigger size of stomach pouch again.

2. Calories intake

The weight will be boosted again when you consume too many calories in your daily life. When you eat too many calories, you will start to have growing stored fat in your body. This condition will make your body start to grow again even when you have performed this gastric surgery. Gaining weight after gastric sleeve surgery is mostly caused by this calories intake. Some people think that they have to eat less with the most delicious food like fast food.

3. Bad eating habits

When you have bad eating habits, you will be able to acquire weight gain. The bad habits for eating are like the habit of randomly choosing food that you love. You have a change of the stomach. You need to change your lifestyle. So, you should not think that your old ways will fit well with your new pouch.

You can check the right track of consumption from the intensity of complications that you suffer. You will seldom find any complication when you do the right thing for your gastric sleeve surgery. The example of the complication is like vomiting, bloating, and other stomach disturbance that often makes you feel uncomfortable. When you do not get such thing, you will not experience weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery.

How to Overcome Weight Gain after Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Have weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery will make you waste your money without getting better result. When you want to deny the weight increase after gastric sleeve surgery, you need to do the following thing that I will mention below. These things will secure your condition from the danger of weight gain because your goal of this surgery is getting the best weight for your body.

Adjust your eating behavior

You need to adjust your eating behavior. Then, you are not allowed to overeat. You have to maintain the size of the pouch that you have had just now. The size of the pouch needs to be maintained because it will give you the same capability of getting stuffed. The faster stuffed feeling you get will give you better maintenance in your weight regulation.

Eat with a small amount

You need to eat many times with a small amount of meal to avoid weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery. You have to avoid getting famished. Famished will make you rage to eat. You need to make some schedules for eating with small meals. You can do it anytime during your work time because small meal will not cost you a lot of time in the process of eating.

Effective nutrition

For getting more effective nutrition supply, you need to prepare some supplements for your body. Supplements will let you have enough vitamins and minerals. So, you will not suffer from the nutritional deficiencies as you get a reduced amount of food that can be consumed.

You have seen that even though you have performed the gastric sleeve surgery, weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery is still able to happen when you are not careful. Then, you will need to perform some good actions and change your behavior for getting the best result in your surgery. You need to avoid some action that may increase your weight significantly in your daily life.