vertical gastric sleeve surgery

Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Long Term Weight Loss Diet

Weight loss surgery is more popular today. There are many people who are more interested in this surgery. This surgery is for long term and the result is very effective. There are many rules that you have to follow and tips that you need to pay attention. You have to make sure that you meet the requirements before you take this surgery. From various types of this surgery, vertical gastric sleeve surgery becomes one of the most popular ones. If you are interested in it, it will be better for you to follow this article.

The Description of Vertical Sleeve Surgery

Vertical gastric sleeve surgery is a kind of weight loss surgery where your doctor will cut your stomach so that it will be smaller. Because of the smaller stomach, you will reduce your eating portion automatically. You will feel satisfied more quickly. After passing some phases, you will feel the result that your weight loss will be reduced. Choose the eating menus helps you to get the best result of this surgery. This belongs to the most effective weight loss surgeries.

The Requirements of the Surgery

Not all people are allowed to take this vertical gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. There are some requirements that you need to meet. One of them is related to the BMI. This weight loss surgery is only allows for you who have an MBI at least 40. People with lower than BMI 40 are not allowed. It can be said that people who are allowed to take this surgery must have the same as 100 pounds weight or higher. With this weight, they belong to obese people. So, take this surgery is allowed.

You should pass some tests before taking vertical gastric sleeve surgery. There are some tests that you need to pass to know that your condition is good enough to take this weight loss surgery. One of them is a blood test. You should take a thyroid test. Serum chemistries like liver and kidney test should be followed. Other tests needed are lipid profile and fasting blood glucose. After you pass those tests and your condition is good enough, you can continue to follow the procedures of the surgery.

How Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery Is Performed

When the vertical gastric sleeve surgery is performed, the surgeon will make sure that you are under anesthesia. You will not feel pain during the surgery is performed. You will fall asleep during the surgery. The surgeons will use small incisions to cut your stomach. The surgeons should be professional and certified because this surgery is very vital. The total duration is different depending on your condition. The surgery generally takes about an hour up to an hour and a half.

The Result of the Surgery

As it has been mentioned before, taking this weight loss surgery means you cut your stomach. How much you cut your stomach? Your surgeons cut your stomach up to 85 percent. With your smaller stomach, your stomach may only be able to hold up to 5 ounces of meals. It is much less than your stomach capacity before. You should not be shocked that when you eat after this vertical gastric surgery, you feel full more quickly. This smaller portion makes your weight reduced gradually depending on your consistency.

After you take the surgery, you need to pass some phase. Firstly, you are only allowed to drink clear liquids before you are allowed to eat real foods gradually. It depends on your condition after you take the weight loss surgery. You may need to consume supplement to get the best result. Some nutrients are needed to fulfill so that you will always be healthy. People who take this vertical gastric sleeve gastrectomy will get the best weight loss result after 2 or 3 years. So, you have to be patient and follow the advices from the doctors.

The Side Effects of the Surgery

This weight loss surgery is very effective for long term diet, you should be careful because there are some side effects that are possible to happen. The side effects can be related to the weight loss surgery itself or caused by the under anesthesia condition. One of the most common side effects is the allergic reaction. It may relate to the medications that are used to make you sleep. Trouble breathing belongs to the normal side effects after you take the surgery.

There are still some other side effects that you need to know. If you take this surgery, it will affect your blood loss. You do not need to worry as long as you fulfill the vitamins and other nutrients you need. Blood clots are possible. It may travel to your lungs. It is uncommon and very rare. Heart attack and stroke are possible to happen during the surgery. Other possible side effects of vertical gastric sleeve surgery are sepsis and infection.

There are some risks that may possible after this vertical gastric sleeve surgery. You can minimize the risks by consulting with your surgeons and your doctors. One of the most common risks is stomach irritation or stomach injury. Nerve damage may happen. You should be careful with leakage with your stomach. Scarring is possible to happen. It affects how meals move into the stomach. If you eat too much, vomiting may happen.

You should be careful because there are many side effects and risks that may happen to you. You should not worry because this surgery is safe as long as you follow the rules and advices from the surgeons and doctors. Hopefully this will be a good reference for you who want to lose weight through vertical gastric sleeve surgery.