weight loss surgery sleeve

Tips for Pre, During, and Post Weight Loss Surgery Sleeve

Weight loss becomes a must for those who are obese. There are many people who have diet to lose their weight, but they fail. If you have this experience, you should not give up because you can try surgery. Weight loss surgery becomes the choice for those who fail with their manual diet. It belongs to long term diet and it is very effective because your stomach will be reduced. The most recommended weight loss surgeries are gastric sleeve. You need to know many tips before, during, and after weight loss surgery sleeve.

Pre Weight Loss Surgery Sleeve

Before you take this surgery, you need to pay attention to some aspects. There are many tips that you need to consider. Before you take this surgery, you need to have diet first. The diet means you try to lose your weight as you can. You need to control your foods. It includes the portion and the pattern. With the better eating pattern and portion, your weight loss surgery will get the best result. Some doctors require you to fast in the night before surgery until the surgery ends except drinking water.

You need to do some activities such as doing exercises. Doing exercises can be done at home, at a gym, or outdoors. It will be better if you focus on the cardio and aerobic exercises to burn your fat and lose weight. The exercises will be better to be done as soon as possible, at least a week before you take this weight loss surgery sleeve. You need to pass some testes to know your condition, whether you are ready or not.

The Day of Weight Loss Surgery Sleeve

When the day of the surgery comes, you have to make sure that your stomach is empty. For the safety, your doctor will make sure that you are under anesthesia so that you will fall asleep and cannot feel any pain. You will feel pain soon after the anesthesia effect ends. Then, you are not allowed to go home directly after the surgery is done. You will be monitored in the hospital. Soreness, residual nausea, and other general side effects may happen.

You should pay attention to your diet. Then, you cannot eat anything in the first day or even a few days because your stomach is still very weak. You are allowed to drink water because you need it to prevent dehydration. It will be better if you drink water every a few hours to keep you dehydrated. You cannot drink water too much after you take this gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. You should not worry that you will feel hungry because your smaller stomach will be full even though just from water.

Your doctors do not allow you to do too many activities. It does not mean that you should lie on the bed all day. Your doctors will advise you to get up and walk slowly. Walking around in the hospital will not only make you feel stronger, but also reduce the pain caused by the surgery. Even though it hurts in the first time, you will feel better then. So, you need to do this activity regularly for a few days.

In relation to the mental stage, you may need to have companions in the day of weight loss surgery sleeve. It will be better if you are accompanied in the hospital by your families. If it is possible, you can ask your close friends to look in at the hospital. It will improve your mental state. You will have full of various emotions on the day of this surgical diet. You need your families and close friends. The most important thing in the day of gastric sleeve weight loss surgical diet is to keep calm and keep in mind that you will change your life.

Post Weight Loss Surgery Sleeve

There is some phase that you need to pass after you take this weight loss surgery. In relation to the pain, you may still feel pain until a few days. It depends on your own condition. The pain will be reduced gradually. The first day until a week is the most painful phase. You are required to stay at the hospital for a few days after the surgery. After your pain is reduced, you are allowed to go home, but you still need to monitor your condition.

The most important thing that you have to pay attention is your diet. It relates to your life change. You may only be allowed to drink water for a few days and not allowed to eat anything else. After that, you may consume full liquids such as almond, milk, etc. After your condition is better, you can try soft foods as long as they belong to healthy foods before your condition is really good to eat real foods. With this diet pattern, your weight loss surgery sleeve will result better.

After you take this surgical diet, you cannot go to work soon, even though you have been allowed to go home. You still need to take a rest for about a week up to 2 weeks after the weight loss surgery sleeve is done. Doing too much and hard activity can damage your stomach. You need to wait until your condition is stronger while doing easy exercises.

You have to make a plan to make you consistent with your post surgical diet. The plan includes the eating patterns, food choices, supplement consideration, and doing exercises. Your environment such as family has an important role to maximize the result of weight loss surgery sleeve. You need to wait for the good result until 2 or 3 years as long as you are consistent with your diet because it is a long term diet.