vertical sleeve gastrectomy diet

Overweight is the most common matter that we meet today. It happens because we get so many eases in our lives, so we get fewer in movements. As we get few moves, we do not get enough calories burning in our body. Such condition will make our body store the source of energy into fat and makes our body get bigger. Some people even get obesity that will make them hard to lose more weight. They will choose to have weight loss surgery. Among those surgeries, we will talk about one of the rare surgery, which is vertical sleeve gastrectomy and the vertical sleeve gastrectomy diet.

What is Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Diet?

Let us talk about the meaning of this surgery before we go to vertical sleeve gastrectomy diet. This is a surgery which is performed for weight loss as someone does not be able to endure the desire to eat or they do not like to suffer from intense hunger in their diet. The surgery is mostly performed for anticipating acute overweight matter such obesity. This surgery comes different procedure and there only are a few of this surgery which is performed.

The process will be different than common Bariatric surgery. You will not do any bypassing in your stomach, but your stomach size will be cut in half vertically. There will be two parts with different size and the cut part will be removed from your body. This condition will give you permanent smaller stomach pouch. In the other surgery, the process of surgery will only be done by bypassing the small intestine, but we still use the intestine.

Choosing Food after Surgery

You have seen that the surgery has given you with smaller pouch. This smaller pouch aims at giving you smaller portion of food which can be eaten. You will get stuffed faster than usual. You will be forced to eat less with lesser nutrition, which comes to your body. As you get less food, the stored food which exists in your body will be used and burned to fulfill the need of energy that your body wants.

When you have had this surgery, you will have to do something more in your vertical sleeve gastrectomy diet. You have a smaller pouch. It will change your behavior of eating. You will need to prepare certain food when you have just had your gastrectomy surgery. In the first week after the vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery, you will not be allowed to eat or drink any beverages or food because you will have a supply of food from the prescription of doctors.

In the next 4 to 6 weeks, you will be able to start foods which are soft and pureed food. This diet will let your stomach to digest the food easily. The example of the food is like baby foods, cottage cheese, yogurt with no fruit, scrambled eggs, and many more soft foods. When you crave for soft food, you have to do certain way of eating like chewing the food till it gets really soft. You are only allowed to eat less amount like three bites of the solid food itself.

As you get a smaller food supply, you need to add your vertical sleeve gastrectomy diet with some vitamins and other important nutrients. We know that most foods contain calories with less vitamin and minerals. So you will need to get the supplements. The supplement is like calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. You need to consume more water for making your stomach friendlier.

It is restricted for you to consume beverages or foods with high sugar content. Sugar content is bad for the stomach, which has performed this surgery. This kind of food should be avoided as well as you can. It can trigger certain abnormalities in your body. You need to see the doctor in the ordered time. The doctor can see the development and it lasts more than one year of checkup for ensuring the result.

There is something that you need to be concerned about in your vertical sleeve gastrectomy diet. You should eat your food in a particular behavior. In the first place, you are not allowed to eat like what you used to eat in the old day. You are forbidden to eat in a big size at once. The method of eating is eating small meals frequently to save you for craving hunger. You need to act like this because you will get some trouble like vomiting or bloating when you eat too fast.

Side Effects of Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

You will need to pay attention upon your food and your actions for eating. Some complication may happen in your body and the most common one is vomiting. In the worst case, you can suffer from infection when you get the wrong diet for vertical sleeve gastrectomy. The infection happens because the wound from the surgery may have been infected by certain bacteria.

Those are all that I can say about this vertical sleeve gastrectomy diet. It is the result of the gastrectomy surgery, which has been performed. You should be ready for facing the risks as you will get better state of weight. This method is able to reduce the weight up to 60 % of the weight. It does beneficial for those people who suffer from obesity. Most of the obesity victims cannot do some diet programs for reducing their weight.