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Gastric Sleeve And Gastric Balloon Abroad – Why Do So Many People Go To Poland For Weight Loss Treatment?

Poland is a country in central Europe. It is a great tourist destination with Baltic Sea in the North and Tatra Mountains in the South. It’s rich history, especially since the Second World War, numerous cities with unique monuments, castles and churches, local cuisine, welcoming atmosphere as well as extraordinary nature reserves and trials make Poland a top destination for tourists. Besides, Poland is a highly developed country in terms of medical tourism. There are the highest-quality private clinics with English-speaking surgeons offering Bariatric surgeries at very competitive prices.

Which Bariatric surgeries are the most popular in Poland?

The majority of foreign patients in Poland come from Scandinavian countries, the UK, the USA and Ireland. They decide to have a Bariatric surgery because the prices in their home countries are excessively high and the waiting lists for NHS surgeries are long. Two frequently chosen surgeries are gastric sleeve in Poland and gastric balloon in Poland.

Gastric sleeve is the 1st choice for Polish patients as well as medical tourists. It is highly effective surgery involving minimum risk or complications. The qualification criteria for the surgery in Poland are universal – so the same as in the UK or USA. Patients should have a BMI over 35. The total weight loss after gastric sleeve may reach even 70% of the starting weight. It is a non-reversible surgery, where a part of the stomach is permanently removed.

Gastric balloon is very popular among patients with BMI between 27 and 35. So, those who need less weight loss than gastric sleeve patients. It is an endoscopic, non-surgical procedure allowing for losing 20 kilograms on average. It is performed under local anesthesia, thanks to which patients can leave the clinic the same day and their home recovery is very quick. The balloon is placed in the stomach for 6 or 12 months and after that time, it is removed.

How much does a gastric sleeve and balloon in Poland cost?

Gastric Sleeve And Gastric Balloon AbroadThe average price for a gastric balloon in Poland is 2600 EUR and gastric sleeve costs 5400 EUR. These prices include not only surgery, but also all medical tests, consultations with specialists, hospitalization, aftercare, diet plan and follow up visits. What is also interesting, more and more clinics in Poland offer all-inclusive packages for medical tourists. So, they do not need to worry about the accommodation or taxi transfers. Generally, gastric sleeve and gastric balloon in Poland are more affordable even after adding additional expense such as flights or accommodation.

Health care in Poland

In the recent years, many private clinics in Poland have adjusted their policy and services so that patients from different countries feel safe and comfortable there. There are highly-qualified Bariatric surgeons and dieticians, the newest surgery solutions and advanced technology. More and more often, medical tourists choose Poland because there, they get the top-quality treatment and are served by world-class surgeons. And the price is the additional factor that allows them to save money.

Gastric sleeve and gastric balloon in Poland are definitely a great option for patients looking for an affordable and effective obesity surgery. Only one visit in Poland can make their lives better forever.

Written by Klaudia Grabowska