stopped losing weight after gastric sleeve

4 Reasons for Stopped Losing Weight after Gastric Sleeve

It takes courage for people to decide to take a gastric sleeve procedure. They cannot just take the procedure right away because they have to consult with the surgeon first. Do not forget about the amount of money that must be prepared for paying not only the surgery but also other procedures necessary before and after the surgery. You might have high hopes of losing weight with this surgery procedure, but sometimes you have to deal with stopped losing weight after gastric sleeve. Why?

Why Have I Stopped Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

1. Bigger Pouch after Surgery

It can be frustrating when you want to lose some weight by taking the gastric sleeve procedure, but the result is far from your expectation. The very first reason why you cannot get the expected result is that the stomach reduction after the surgery is insufficient. Your surgeon may not have stapled your stomach volume enough during the surgery. This can lead to the pouch that is considered bigger even after taking the surgery procedure. Because of your bigger pouch, it will be hard to limit your food intake. It means that you cannot reset your eating habit.

2. Unsuccessful Small Intestine Rerouting

You cannot lose any of your weight even after the gastric sleeve procedure because the surgeon may not reroute the small intestine successfully. The ineffective small intestine rerouting will affect the calorie absorption in your body. The calorie absorption rate in your body remains high. Meanwhile, the main function of a gastric sleeve surgery procedure is to reduce calorie absorption. It means that you do not get the full benefits of the procedure. This is the reason why your weight loss stopped.

3. Unsuccessful Diet Program

You cannot forget that you cannot lose weight successfully with the gastric sleeve procedure alone. After the surgery, you also need to take a diet plan with the purpose to reset your eating habit. If you cannot follow the diet plan properly, there is no doubt that you will experience stopped losing weight after gastric sleeve. Just because you have had gastric sleeve surgery, it does not mean that you can be careless with your diet plan. The surgeon must give you dietary guidelines after the surgery to keep your stomach pouch in the expected size. Your stomach pouch will re-stretch to its normal size if you eat more than the recommendation. You should not eat fatty foods as well if you do not want this to happen.

4. Medical or Genetic Reasons

If you have followed all the guidelines diligently and the surgeon has accomplished the job successfully, but you cannot get the expected result properly, it might be associated with medical or genetic reasons. In rare cases, people have to deal with slow weight loss after the surgery because of genetic factors. If the patients have co-morbidities that cannot resolve quickly, it might be difficult for them to lose weight even after the procedure.

Stopped Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve Not Working

There will always be some risks of every surgery procedure, including the gastric sleeve procedure. You need to be well-prepared so you do not have to worry about stopped losing weight after gastric sleeve.