how to restart weight loss after gastric sleeve

5 Tips on How to Restart Weight Loss after Gastric Sleeve

Although the main reason why people take a gastric sleeve procedure is to lose some weight, many people find that their weight loss progress is not satisfying. They start to question how to restart weight loss after gastric sleeve. Here are some steps to consider.

How Do You Restart Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

1. Reconsider Macronutrient Combination

There can be various reasons why you cannot get the weight loss you wanting after the gastric sleeve surgery. To solve the problem, you need to take this very first step. You should reconsider your macronutrient combination. Your body needs carbohydrates, proteins, and fats as macronutrients. The daily need for proteins is about 60 grams a day. In this circumstance, you need to increase protein intake by 20%, while reducing the carbohydrate intake to restart your weight loss after the gastric sleeve.

2. Change Protein Sources

You also need to evaluate your protein sources. Do you take protein shakes and bars often? Do you think that you take it as your daily protein intake? If the answer is yes, you might be too dependent on these protein sources. It is better to change your protein source to more natural sources. You need to take more lean protein such as beef jerky, chicken skewers, and seafood.

3. Change Number of Daily Meals

You want to lose weight by taking the surgical procedure, but the result is different from your expectation. It might be the right time to change your number of daily meals. If you still keep three major meal times as part of your daily eating habit, you need to try the Mediterranean technique instead. It means that you need to take five to six meals with a smaller amount a day.

4. Vary Calorie Intake

Normally, people try to fulfill their daily calorie intake per day. It means that they need to consume 1,000-1,200 calories per day. Nevertheless, if you want to restart your weight loss after the gastric sleeve, you need to vary your daily calorie intake. You can have different variations for this purpose. For example, for the first day of the week, you take 800 calories a day. The next day’s calorie intake will be 1,200 calories and the day after will be 1,000 calories.

5. Strength Training

Your weight loss result might be satisfying enough if you do not include strength training in your current exercise program. You need to focus on strength training more. The strength training with high intensity will lead to lean muscle mass. This way, the metabolic rate will be higher. Of course, it means that your weight loss will be triggered as well.

You need to keep in mind that you cannot lose weight successfully with the gastric sleeve alone. You still need to do more work to make sure that you do not gain your weight back. It is good to start asking about how to restart weight loss after gastric sleeve because you are prepared for the next work to lose and keep your weight in check.