excess skin after weight loss

Excess Skin after Weight Loss: Tips for Tightening the Skin

Most of people who have the extra pound weight want to reduce their weight to have the ideal weight. Ideal weight is known as one of people’s dream to have the ideal body. The people who have just reduced their weight in a big amount, they will have the excess skin after weight loss. Excess skin or sagging skin after weight loss often happens if there are reductions from seventy five to one hundred pounds, but it is not exact. Some of the people who take the diets sometimes are not aware about this condition. Here are some of possible tips which can be used to tighten your skin after weight loss.

How to tighten your skin after weight loss?

1. Monitoring Weight Loss

The first tip that you can tighten your excess skin after weight loss is monitoring your weight loss. When you have already lost reduced your weight, your skin continues losing its elasticity so that the sagging skin happens after weight loss. It is better for you to curb your diet and let your skin to adjust to the loss. Because of that reason, you need to maintain your weight because your skin tends to shrink to the recent size.

2. Increasing water intake

Another tip, which can be taken if you want to recover your excess skin after weight loss is increasing your water intake. Drinking much water is going to give you many benefits to your overall health. Besides that, drinking water is helpful to make your skin smoother, look more radiant, and tighter. You need to make sure that you drink no less than 6 glasses of water each day. If you can drink more, you will have better health. Water is known as a wonderful intake for your skin and it is helpful for your skin elasticity.

3. Belly Toning Exercise

The next possible tip, which can be practiced if you want to recover your excess skin is taking belly toning exercise. When you have lost your weight, there is stretched skin in your belly. It is time for tightening your belly area by spending your few times to take the exercise in that area. You can commit to the belly toning exercises, like an air bike, crunches, sit ups, side bridges, leg raises, and pelvic thrusts. You just need to spend your time about 15 minutes up to 20 minutes for 3 or 5 days a week if you want to tighten your tummy area.

4. Getting massages

Another tip, which can be used to recover your excess skin after weight loss is getting massages. You can take massages, one or two days a week for helping to enhance the circulation of your blood. If your blood circulation is ok, it will be so helpful for your skin. You do not need to see the massage therapist do that, you can do the massages by yourself or you can ask your family to do that for you. You can use the essential oil if you want to make your massages easier.

5. Moisturizing your skin

Another tip which can be conducted if you want to recover your excess skin after weight loss is moisturizing your skin. You can beneficial vitamin E if you want to keep your skin moist. By taking moisturizing, it will allow your new cells of your skin to grow.

There are so many oils which can be used as a moisturizer and one of them is coconut oil. Coconut oil is known as the natural moisturizer which can be useful for your skin. This oil contains the antibacterial properties which can be used for soothing your skin. The oil is often utilized as the DIY and commercial body lotions. You can use the coconut oil for blasting your excess skin.

6. Sea salt scrubs

Another tip, which can be taken if you want to get rid of excess skin after weight loss is taking sea salt scrubs. According to researchers, sea salt scrubs can be used to help you for your blood flow. It can be used for tightening your skin too. You can get either mineral or sea salt scrub in the market and you can use them as your daily washing.