how to lose weight with pcos

How to Lose Weight with PCOS in Effective Ways

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a kind of physical condition which is related to acne breakouts, weight gain, abnormal hair growth and infertility. Women having PCOS have cysts forming ovaries. Although health specialists seem not to have an idea about PCOS causes, many researchers consider it can be associated with the case of insulin. Other factors include hormone imbalances, due to heredity in which many females having PCOS have sister, moms or aunts having the same condition. How to lose weight with PCOS is difficult, but taking the proper steps can be helpful to begin lowering your excessive height.

Diet Plan

All women want to know how to lose weight with PCOS and you are the one having the similar intention. The method to lose weight with PCOS can be started from your diet. You must set your diet like many other women trying to lose weight. Because PCOS can be related to the resistance of insulin, diet with high protein and low carb can be an effective way to reduce weight. Many experts suggest avoiding diet with carbs, like pastries, white breads and pasta while getting a sufficient amount of dairy, lean meats, fresh fruits, whole grains in minimal amounts and veggies. A good diet, which is structured includes Paleo diet and the Mediterranean diet. Both of them focus on many lean meats such as chicken and fish, few carbohydrates and vegetables which are rich in fiber.


Diet is a good start for you to lose weight. But, the workout is a healthy activity which is a good addition to a healthy diet. Consistent workout can be beneficial for losing weight as well as an essential feature to treat PCOS. Cardio workout can increase insulin resistance easily. Incorporate walks, swimming, dancing and aerobics can be the tips to lose weight with PCOS effectively. A lot of fitness trainers highly recommend high repetitions in executing basic, structured workouts like squats.

Stopping Smoking

How to lose weight with PCOS is not only about what diet plan that you should take and routine exercise that you should apply, but it can come from stopping your bad habit. Stop smoking is recommended because smoking can elevate free testosterone and insulin levels in women with PCOS. Insulin raise with testosterone raise will cause PCOS to be more severe and make it more difficult in slimming down.

Taking Inositol

You should not think how to lose weight with PCOS is too hard to do. Taking Inositol can help you lose your weight and many people have got the result. Based on the study in Italy, Inositol really works for 92 women who 47 of them took inositol (4g) per day and folic acid 400mg while 45 of them took only folic acid. After two weeks, the women that took Inositol with Folic Acid got amazing weight loss while their metabolic markers improved. The women taking only Folic acid got weight increase rather than losing it.

Why Inositol works well relating to how to lose weight with PCOS? Exactly, Inositol becomes the key to improve fertility and it can help you conceive. It is useful to manage carb craving. You can prefer taking it in powder form because the capsules have low dose, and you need 8-10 capsules in a day.

Alerts and Suggestions

There is an important note to know to be alerts and suggestions. When having a diet program, you need to keep away from diet programs which is crashing, such as with an extreme reduction of calorie. You must be careful to apply diet plans. Many of the diet plans focus on gaining low fat for high carbohydrate. This will be inappropriate for PCOS. How to lose body weight with PCOS should meet the right measurement of diets.

All of your efforts relating to how to lose weight with PCOS may need some additional suggestions. Pay attention to bettering your wellness entirely and tackling some problems underlying weight loss with PCOS. The sooner the PCOS deals with, the sooner weight reduction will be. Always work with your medical doctor closely and if it is possible to talk to a certified dietitian.