how to calculate bmi

Guide How to Calculate BMI in Easy Ways

Many experts recommend you to use a calculator of body mass than a scale to determine whether you are overweight or not. Most people perceive it as a good advice, but there are some people still find that using BMI calculator give no good results. It does not, but it means that they should avoid taking one. One thing which becomes the key point is that knowing how to calculate BMI. On this page, we will show you about the way to calculate BMI including the formulas.

Factors Involved in Calculating BMI

Most people likely to find BMI calculator don’t give benefits to people having lots of muscle. The problem comes from muscle weights that is much heavier than fat. As the result, you will find your body mass showing an overweight appearance if you have many muscles. Because body mass has no differentiation between fat and muscle, it is better to avoid the use if you have many muscles. Calculate BMI becomes an important point besides the function of the calculator itself.

You must remember that BMI or Body Mass Index functions as a tool to measure and assess whether a person’s weight is proper for their height. Considering calculate BMI can make it as an excellent tool to screen or determine screen abnormalities of weight. We can know there is a natural tendency about weight because we become older, BMI will not be considered for his account. It is only appropriate to determine the ideal weight based on the height for every young adult.

If you want to know how to calculate BMI, you need to know another factor like tall people. There is a significant difference between tall people and tall people over hundreds of year ago. At that time, people are much taller than now. If your height is more than six feet the results cannot be very accurate. The further people are from height on average means the weaker accuracy of the results of calculating will be.

How to Calculate BMI with Formula?

We will explain how to calculate BMI to determine your healthy weight. By knowing it, you will know the way to find the category of your weight. BMI can be a measurement in determining your weight category, so it is about how to calculate BMI for weight category. Based on your weight and height, a person may be included in one of some weight categories. You will be underweight if your BMI is under 18.5 and will be in the normal weight if the BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. You will be overweight if your BMI is between 25.0 and 29.9. For you who have a BMI that is 30.0 or above will be diagnosed overweight.

If you have a difficulty in math, you can try to calculate BMI using a simple formula. Calculate BMI with formula shows simplicity in using it, especially due to electronic calculator use. You can try metric method or metric formula in measuring weight using kilogram and height in meters. If your height is shown in centimeters, just divide the centimeters showing your height by 100 to convert into meters. If your height is 183 cm, it will be 1.83 m.

Metric Method

Using such metric method is very easy to conduct so you will not find difficulty about how to calculate BMI. It only needs two easy steps. First, multiply your number of heights by the number itself. Second, divide your number of weights by the result you have calculated in the first step. You need to remember that weight is shown in kilograms. The number resulting from the use of formula is exactly your BMI.

Imperial Method

There is the imperial method which is useful as the way how to calculate BMI. This formula accepts the measurements of height in inches while weight is shown in pounds. It is well known in the US because the imperial method is mostly used. With this standard, people state their height in feet, inches, not just fat. To apply this system, convert your height to inches first and your weight using pounds. Multiply your total weight by 703 and then your height by itself. Divide the result of weight and the result of height you have figured. The number being the result is your own BMI.