foods to avoid after gastric sleeve surgery

Some Foods to Avoid after Gastric Sleeve Surgery that You Should Know

Sleeve surgery becomes the solution when you have a terrible sickness and problem on your sleeve. After the surgery, you need to be careful in choosing the kinds of food to be consumed. How can this thing happen? It is because the food will influence the way of recovery after your surgery. In this occasion, we will talk about some kinds of foods to avoid after gastric sleeve surgery, which you need to know. What are the kinds of the food that you cannot choose to consume? See the detail of it below.

3 Foods to Avoid After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

1. Meat, especially chicken

When we are talking about the kinds of avoiding food after gastric sleeve surgery, you need to know that you do not allow consuming meat, especially chicken. The chicken is prohibited because it consists of some unsure, which will cause the process of recovery longer. When you consume the chicken in your menu, you may attacks by the allergic and the process of recovery after surgery will be longer.

2. Junk Food

The second kind of the food that you are better not to consume it is the junk food. I am sure that people choose junk food to be consumed because it is simple and fast to be served. However, in other side, people need to know that junk food is lack of nutrition. After your surgery, actually you need to consume a highly nutritious food, so that your recovery can be processed well. You need to avoid to consume the junk food in your daily consumption.

3. Soft drink, energy drink and alcohol

Another kind of the prohibited thing that you don’t allow to consume is kinds of soft drink, energy drink and alcohol. You are not allowed to consume those kinds of drinking. It is important for you to know this matter because it will be dangerous for your recovery matter. Those kinds of drink consist of dangerous ingredients, which will make your recovery unstable. Those drinks and some foods as above are the kinds of foods to avoid after gastric sleeve surgery.

3 Best Foods for Consumption After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

1. Fish

For the consideration, let us see some kinds of great food to be consumed after gastric sleeve surgery. It can be great choices for you. When you want to eat meat in your daily consumption, it will be nice for you to consume fish. Yes, it is because fish have a high consistence of protein, which is nice to help the recovery process. There are some kinds of great fish for your choices, such as salmon. You can make some special menus using fish as the main ingredient.

2. Vegetables

It will be better for you to consume more vegetables in your daily menu. Vegetable is kind of great food, which will be special, especially when you want to get the best recovery process after your surgery. It is important for you to consume some kinds of vegetables because it consists of many good nutrition, such as vitamin, mineral and others. Good nutrition will make the condition of your body stable. You can go to the market and fine many kinds of vegetables there.

3. Fruits

The last kind of good food after gastric sleeve surgery is fruits. Yes, fruit is one of the special choices for you because it consists many kinds of high good nutrition. The food consists of high vitamin, water, mineral and others, which will increase the process of recovery. Eating fruit in daily will be a special choice because it will make you look fresher and your recovery period can be cut as well. Some good fruits to be consumed in this condition are apple, orange and watermelon.

Based on the explanation above, we know some kinds of the foods to avoid after gastric sleeve surgery. In other hand, we also see the kinds of good food, which will help our recovery matter. It shows that you need to be careful in choosing food because the condition after surgery is still very sensitive.