weight loss surgery for 50 pounds overweight

Weight Loss Surgery for 50 Pounds Overweight – Why Do You Need It?

Excessive weight up to 50 pounds or low BMI obesity can cause many serious health issues in the future. It is often linked to chronic diseases like heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, sleep apnea, and more. For those who need a fast solution for their obesity issues, weight loss surgery can be an ideal option to take. But, is it really what you need? Get to know the health benefits of weight loss surgery for 50 pounds overweight on the following page to get you assured.

1. Lower High Blood Pressure

Weight loss surgery will lower excess fats over time, taking away some strains on your heart. This is possible to happen since excess weight prevents your heart from properly working, resulting in high blood pressure. Not only that, but changing your eating habit can improve hypertension symptoms. Also, with proper exercises, you can avoid other cardiovascular problems.

2. Lower Insulin Resistance

It has been widely known that being overweight can lead people to suffer from diabetes. The excess body weight causes people to be resistant to insulin, an important hormone that functions to control blood sugar. The surgery will shed off excess weight and allow obese people to have lower insulin resistance. In this way, some metabolic syndrome risks such as the high amount of fats in the blood and high blood pressure can be reduced significantly. Studies even show that the resolution of diabetes can happen only days after the surgery is completed, long before the ideal weight loss is reached.

3. Improving Asthma Symptoms

While asthma in adults is often linked to GERD, the symptoms of the disease tend to be worse in people with obesity. Asthma itself is known as an incurable disease, though it can be treated. Researches show that obese people with asthma experience significant improvement related to the symptoms after they lose excessive weight. That is how weight surgery will help obese patients with asthma to improve their condition.

4. Improve GERD Condition

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a condition in which the esophagus is injured. It may be caused by severe exposure to stomach acid. Heartburn and occasional vomiting some of the most common symptoms of GERS. It is also considered a serious disease that can lead the sufferers to have more serious health issues such as esophageal cancer and esophagitis. GERD in people with obesity often shows more severe symptoms. By having weight surgery to take away some of the excessive fat, a quick weight loss can be achieved. In this way, more severe symptoms of GERD can be prevented.

Weight loss surgery for 50 pounds overweight help

Weight loss surgery for 50 pounds overweight is such a shortcut to losing weight quickly. Getting back your ideal weight is not the only benefit you can get from this medical procedure. It has some health benefits to help these obese patients improve life quality and prolong their life span. Considering weight loss surgery might be useful. But, make sure to always consult your doctors before deciding to undergo the procedure since weight surgery is a quite tough decision.