gastric sleeve surgery complications

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Complications and How to Minimize It

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular weight loss surgeries today. It is a surgery where your stomach will be cut off so that you have a smaller stomach. Its purpose to reduce your eating portion so that you will feel full more quickly. This weight loss method is very effective and safe. There are many people who are interested in it. You have to know that it has some risks and complications. We will share about gastric sleeve surgery complications that are common to happen in this article.

The General Complications of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are 3 common complications that often happen to you who take gastric sleeve surgery. One of the most common complications is leakage. Leakage happens in the stomach that is cut by your surgeons. It happens because your stomach is very sensitive. The condition of your stomach is very weak after the surgeons cut your stomach. This complication happens directly or a few days after the surgery. Some patients do not experience this complication if the condition is strong enough.

Inflection belongs to one of the gastric sleeve surgery risks. Infection can be caused by different factors and by the surgery itself. If the surgeons use the surgical tools that are not hygienic, the risk of infection will be higher. It is very rare because the surgeons will make sure that the tools used are hygienic before they are used for the surgery. Infection can be caused your diet after you take this surgery. If you do not control your eating, infection is very possible to happen.

Another most common complication is bleeding. Similar to the first complication, it happens soon or a few days after the surgery. The point is that bleeding happens when your stomach condition is not strong enough yet. This weak condition makes the risk of bleeding higher. If you follow all the rules and pay attention to the advices and suggestions from the surgeons and doctors, the complications can be minimized.

The Rare Complications of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Besides the common complications mentioned above, there are still some other complications, even though very rare to happen. For example, blood clots may happen to the patients of gastric sleeve surgery. It can occur in the lungs or legs. Pneumonia becomes one of the gastric sleeve surgery complications. It can occur maximally 3 months after the surgery. You have to be careful to prevent this complication. If you cannot control your eating, weight loss regains may happen to you. You need to plan your post surgery diet, so the result will be satisfying.

You need to know that death belongs to the complications, even though it is the rarest one. Death may happen if the surgery failed or your condition is too weak, especially the stomach or other organs. You need to meet the requirements before taking this weight loss surgery. It purposes to make sure that your condition is good enough to take gastric sleeve surgery. It only happens about 2 percent. So, you should not worry taking this surgery.

How to Lower the Risks of Gastric Sleeve Surgery Complications?

Those complications may happen to anyone who takes this weight loss surgery. You can minimize the risk of those complications. Firstly, it relates to the diet that you have. After you take your weight loss surgery, you need to plan your post diet. If you cannot control your diet, your body mass index (BMI) will be higher. You need to control your BMI so that it will not be too high.

Besides controlling your diet, especially the eating pattern and portion, you need to do exercises to reduce gastric sleeve surgery complications. There are many exercises that you can try. It depends on your condition. When your condition is still weak, you cannot do hard exercises. Easy exercises will be better if you do it regularly. After your condition is better, you can increase the exercises gradually. Doing exercises will be very useful if you do it rightly. It can reduce the risk of gastric sleeve weight loss surgery complications.

Complication may happen if you cannot change your bad lifestyle. You need to change your lifestyle to be better and healthier to lower the risk of complication. For example, if you are a smoker, you have to quit smoking. If you often get drunk, you must stop it. Other bad lifestyles like eating unhealthy foods and beverages should be stopped. It will be very helpful to minimize gastric sleeve surgery complications. So, if you want to get the best result without complications, you need to consider following these tips.

The Nutrients Needed to Reduce Gastric Sleeve Surgery Complications

After you take this surgery, you need to fulfill the needs of nutrient in your body. The nutrients do not only function to improve your health and get better weight loss result, but also reduce the risk of gastric sleeve surgery complications. One of the most recommended nutrients is iron. It has an important role in your body. Besides, zinc is also needed.

There are still some other ideas recommended for you. One of them is selenium. You need to consider pathyroid hormone and calcium. Other recommended nutrients are albumin, vitamin B12, and folic acid. These nutrients will be very helpful to reduce gastric sleeve surgery complications. Hopefully this will be a good reference for you want to take this weight loss surgery.