normal bmi for women

Possible Health Risks When People Cannot Maintain Normal BMI For Women

Women and weight loss cannot be separated from one another. It is undeniable that many women pay great attention to their body weight because it will affect their appearance and confidence. They want to lose some weight because it makes them feel more beautiful and confident. Nevertheless, losing weight is not only about beauty. It is also about health. It is necessary to keep normal bmi for women because it can prevent them from various possible health risks.

High Blood Pressure

Women who have a higher BMI level will have a higher risk of suffering from high blood pressure. Of course, women with a healthy level of BMI have a lower risk of this health condition. High blood pressure can lead to various other health conditions and people do not want this to happen in their life. That is why they need to keep their BMI normal.
Heart Disease

BMI classification comes with some level. When people are included in the obese category since their BMI is more than 35, it means that they have a much higher risk to die from cardiovascular disease. However, heart disease risk is not exclusive for people with obese BMI category. Some people might think that it is better to be underweight than overweight or obese. However, people with underweight BMI levels also have a higher risk of heart disease. They really need to keep in mind that keeping normal bmi for women must be the best thing to maintain their health.

Type 2 Diabetes

According to the research, people who are overweight have about 50% higher risk of type diabetes. If the number of BMI levels increases, the risk of suffering from type diabetes gets higher as well. It sounds like bad news for people who are considered obese. However, they can be optimistic with the thought that if they are obese, they can prevent a full-blown health condition development by losing weight to overweight level. It can be a good step before they can pursue a normal BMI level.

Mental Health

Mental health can also be affected by a higher BMI level. People might experience a lower well-being sense and even depression symptoms when their BMI level is higher. People who are obese are more likely to suffer from depression compared with people with a healthy BMI level. A normal level is not only about body health and beauty as well because it can be associated with mental health.

Life Expectancy

Last but not least, BMI can also relate to life expectancy. A shorter life expectancy can be found in people with a 30-35 BMI level. People with 40-45 BMI levels have a life expectancy that is quite similar to people who are smoking. It means that to lengthen life expectancy, people need to lose some weight especially when they have higher BMI. It does not mean that being underweight is okay because they need to add more weight to keep their BMI normal.

Besides keeping normal bmi for women to prevent those health conditions, people also have to consider a lifestyle change particularly when they have smoking habits or alcohol use. The health conditions can also be affected by genetic factors and rapid weight gain history.