diet after gastric bypass

Diet after Gastric Bypass Tips

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular weight loss surgeries. It is safe and effective to lose weight. It works by cutting your gastric or stomach to be smaller so that you will eat with smaller portions. So, it can lower your weight up to 60% of your extra weight. After the surgery, you need to stay at the hospital about 3 days for the recovery time. You are allowed to go home. You need to change your lifestyle to control your weight. We will discuss about the diet after gastric bypass in this article.

Liquid You Need after Gastric Bypass Surgery

After you get gastric bypass surgery, you need to pay attention to your lifestyles. One of them is related to the beverages that you usually drink. Clear liquids are needed to drink. Other kinds of liquids are needed. You can drink unsweetened juice for the diet after gastric bypass. Decaffeinated coffee or tea is good for you. Milk, sugar free popsicles or gelatin, cream soup, and broth can be consumed.

Pureed Foods after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Diet after gastric bypass surgery can be applied by consuming pureed foods. You can eat cottage cheese, cooked and soft vegetables, eggs, fish, beans, and lean meat. Then, you are allowed to eat solid foods, but you need to blend them with a liquid. You can eat solid foods that are blended with water. Skim milk can be used to blend solid foods. This diet can be applied by eating blended solid foods with broth or sugar free juices.

Soft Foods after Gastric Bypass Surgery

After you get gastric bypass surgery, you do not only need to eat with smaller potion but also softer foods. There are many soft foods that you can eat. You may eat diced or ground meats. You can consider eating soft or canned fresh fruits. Cooked vegetables can be your options. All those soft foods will be good for your diet after gastric bypass. For more options, you can consult with your doctor or dietician.

Solid Foods to Avoid after Gastric Bypass Surgery

You need to pay attention to the foods after gastric bypass surgery. You are not allowed to eat solid foods eight weeks or less after the surgery because it may danger the gastric. Then, you need to know what you cannot eat. You should avoid eating seeds and nuts. Popcorn should be avoided. You are not allowed to eat dried fruits. Other solid foods that you have to avoid are breads, fried foods, tough meats, granola, carbonated beverages, and fibrous or stringy vegetables like cabbage, corn, broccoli, or celery. After six weeks, those solid foods are allowed to eat in your diet.

Four months after the recovery time of gastric bypass surgery, you are allowed to eat normal foods like usual. It will depend on your condition. If you do not have irritation and complications, you can eat anything. It will be better for you to choose healthy foods to make it tolerable for your stomach. That is very important for diet after gastric bypass. So, you need to follow it.

Diet after Gastric Bypass – How to Eat after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Not only the foods and beverages, but also how to eat and drink that need to pay attention. You need to eat slowly. It is a healthy way of eating. You should practice for drinking. You need to drink anything slowly. Drinking or eating too fast may cause some problems like dumping syndrome. You can follow like this. You should eat a plate of meals for 20 to 30 minutes and drink a cup of tea for 10 to 20 minutes. It will be good for diet after gastric bypass.

Keep the Foods Small

You cannot eat anything with too large pieces even more after you get gastric bypass surgery. After this surgery, your stomach will be smaller. You should customize it to your foods. If you want to eat meats, you need to cut it into small pieces so that you can eat it easily. It will be more tolerable for your stomach. It is important for your diet after gastric bypass, you need to follow this tip. You can control your weight and you do not danger your stomach.

High Protein Meals after Gastric Bypass Surgery

You need to choose the meals wisely. You cannot choose the foods carelessly even more unhealthy foods. One of the best tips is to choose the meals with high protein. It will be good for diet as well as to improve your health. You can consider eating lean beef, beans, fish, pork, and chicken. You may try to eat yogurts, cottage cheese, and low fat cheese. Those meals are rich in protein and will be useful for diet.

Avoid foods with High Sugar and Fat

Besides choosing the foods, you need to avoid some foods. Foods that you have to avoid are foods with high sugar and fat. They are difficult to be tolerated by your stomach. Fried foods, candy bars, and ice creams are some foods that you should avoid. You can consider replacing them to sugar free and low fat options for your diet after gastric bypass.

That is all the tips on diet after gastric bypass. If you follow those tips, your weight loss will be a success. If it is needed, you can consider consuming supplements. You need to consult it to a dietician or your doctor. There are some vitamins that are recommended for your diet, such as vitamin B, vitamin, C, etc. Hopefully this will be useful for you and you can control your weight.