weight loss surgery for 50 pounds overweight

Weight Loss Surgery for 50 Pounds Overweight, Is That Allowed?

Weight loss surgery for 50 pounds overweight, is it allowed? Weight loss surgery is a medical procedure with a purpose to cure patients with obesity in which the obese level has been very dangerous for them. It is known also as Bariatric surgery. Although the procedure is effective to lose weight drastically, it is not recommended for aesthetic purposes only because of the serious risks and complications that may happen. Before undergoing the procedure, here are some things to know about Bariatric surgery.


It is no matter how many pounds you want to remove with the procedure. The most important thing is the body mass index or BMI. Yes, before undergoing the procedure, the surgeon and the team will calculate your BMI first. If the result is more than 35 with chronic diseases, you are allowed or even suggested for the surgery. Besides, doctors and the nutrition team commonly also recommend you to diet first. When the weight is not different after a good diet pattern, the surgery may be the best decision. Additionally, you must also not consume drugs that are contradicting surgery procedure.


Although your conditions generally fulfill the requirements, there are some matters that may let you cancel the surgery. It is when you are pregnant, suffering from hormonal problems, being addicted to a certain drug, and suffering from uncontrollably psychiatric diseases.


To get the patient reach his or her ideal body weight, this medical surgery is done through some different procedures. First, it is limiting gastric space. This procedure is done to avoid excess foods coming inside by banding the gastric area, known also as vertical banded Gastroplasty. Second, it is by manipulating the gastric, also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy (SV). The surgeon will remove some parts of the digestive organs. Again, it is to limit the food amount that enters the gastric. Third, there is also a combination procedure to cause malabsorption macro and micro nutrition that enters the body.

The Level of Success

This procedure is indeed effective to lose weight as well as manage the gastric to digest foods. Therefore, the level of success is said to be high. However, the level of success is also influenced by some factors by some additional checkups before the procedure. Those checkups include the lung function checkup or the sleep apnea syndrome test, the metabolic checkup, the body composition checkup, and resting energy expenditure checkup, and the gastro-esophageal disorders checkup. Besides, around 2-4 weeks before surgery, the patient is suggested to implement a low-calorie diet. The vitamin levels in the body will be checked also whether they are normal or too low.

So, is it possible to undergo weight loss surgery for 50 pounds overweight? The answer, it is probably no except there are some factors that cause you to do that. If you want to get an ideal body, a healthy diet and regular exercises are the most recommended procedures to do. Sure, you must also consult your condition to the health experts.